Microsoft Access Calendar Database Template

This video introduces my new Access Calendar Form Template. To pick up a copy of this template, visit

This database template is a replacement for the Microsoft Access Calendar Control which was removed in Access 2010 and replaced with a simple date picker. If you want more control over how your users select dates, or want to design forms that look like a real calendar, then this template is for you.

You can use my Calendar as either a popup form or as an embedded subform. Either way you have complete control over picking of the date. I teach how to design forms and reports that look like monthly calendars (as well as storing and displaying appointment data) in my full Access Calendar Seminar, but if all you want is a quick form you can plug in to your database, then this template will do the trick.

Click on the video below to watch a full walkthru of how to use this database. To pick up a copy of this template, visit

Microsoft Access Interactive Work Load and Capacity Planner

Planer(Scheduler) for daily, hour on hour planning work for employees. If you have some questions contact me:

Microsoft Access 2010 Forms: Calendar Control & Date Picker

Microsoft Access 2010 training video on how to use the Calendar Control and Date Picker in your form.

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Adding Calendar controls to a form in Access 2007.avi

Some tips on using the ActiveX calendar control (version 12.0) on a form, in MS Access 2007. By Charly Lowndes, Shiplake College ICT

Add a Calendar to a form in Microsoft Access

In this tutorial will be guiding you through how to add a calendar to a form in Microsoft access

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