10. Mastering your Adobe Audition Skills: Mixing

How to Mix 5.1 Surround in Premiere Pro & Audition CC | Adobe Creative Cloud

Principal Worldwide Evangelist Jason Levine takes you through the process to create a 5.1 sequence, multi-channel track panning options, sound automation and export using the latest editions of Premiere Pro and Audition CC.

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IMPROVE AUDIO QUALITY — Adobe Audition Tutorial

Always wondered how you could improve the audio quality of your recordings? Learn how to in this Adobe Audition tutorial. It’s easy and will take you just a couple minutes.

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He improved his audio quite a bit:

Hey guys and welcome to another very short tutorial.
Every video stands and falls with the sound quality.
If you believe it or not, but it is more likely that people will stop watching a video if the audio quality is very poor, nevertheless the quality of the video footage you are presenting.
So in totdays tutorial, we’re going to talk about how you can improve the quality of your audio recordings.
My personal favourite program to improve the quality of my recordings, is Adobe Audition.
So in this tutorial, will stick with it. Now then, let’s jump right into it.
First of all, start the record and be quiet…be really really quiet….
During the first few seconds you capture all the sounds all around you, which we will filter out later on.
Now record whatever you have to say. Speak realtively slow and as clear as possible.
Once you have recorded everything you wanted to record, stop it…obvious right?
Now go back to the first few seconds you have recorded while sitting still and not saying anything.
Highlight a couple or three seconds of it.
Press CTRL + P and press okay or go to effects, Noise Reduction and click on “Capture Noise Print”.
Audition has now captured the noise print of repeating noises around you, such as the humming of your laptop or desktop PC.
After that, highlight the whole track either press CTRL + SHIFT + P or go to the Effects Tab, Noise Reduction again and click on “Noise Reduction (process”.
This may take a few seconds.
Okay, now you got rid of all the humming and hissing in the background.
But the recording probably is still very quiet and like…well…not as good as it could be.
So let’s use some of the presets Audition has to offer.
My personal favourites are the “Radio Announcer Voice”, which makes the records loud, clear and a little flat
And the “Music Enhancer”, which gives the record a pretty warm, deep sound.
In this case, I choose the Radio Announcer Voice.
As it is a little too loud and flat for my taste, I reduce the “Wet” to 75%.
You can look at the Wet as if it is the amount of improvement you want to add.
Of course you can and should play around with all the presets available and also play around with the wet, just to find out what may suits your video and what you may like.
Once you have found the preset and wet of your preference, press apply.
Now you only need to save the file, either as MP3 or as WAVE. I would recommend WAVE as it is losless, but that’s up to you.
And if you believe it or not, but that’s it already guys. THis method works with any kind of recording.
No matter if you did it with your headset or a proper dedicated microphone.
Quick and easy, right? If you did like this tutorial, please let me know!
And until we see us again, stay safe and out of trouble.

How to Improve Audio Quality — Adobe Audition Tutorial

We always strive to produce the best sounding audio possible. These simple steps will show you how to dramatically improve audio quality in just a few minutes. These simple audio effects are easy to master and will improve your sound.

Adobe Audition Learn Series Part 4:

0:00 — Intro
0:29 — ENCN: Equalize, Normalize, Compress, Normalize
0:46 — How to improve audio quality with an equalizer
1:06 — Setting up a high pass filter
1:22 — Notching and scanning through frequencies
2:23 — Improving vocal clarity by adding high end
2:42 — Normalizing your audio
2:50 — Using the Dynamics effect to add a compressor
3:33 — Final audio improvement with normalization
3:54 — Using the Mastering effect
4:05 — Adding an audio exciter
4:48 — Recap on improving audio quality

▶ https://mrc.fm/presets ◀ 🎙 Adobe Audition Presets! 🎧 The audio presets I use.

▶ https://mrc.fm/learn ◀ 🎚 Learn how to master audio production. 🎤

* Camera: Sony Alpha a6300 — https://geni.us/alpha6300
* Camera: Logitech BRIO — https://geni.us/brio4k
* Microphone: AKG C414 XLII — https://geni.us/akgc414xlii
* Microphone: RØDE VideoMic Pro+ — https://geni.us/vlogpro
* Software: Adobe Audition — https://mrc.fm/audition

Mastering Your Audio in Under 5 Minutes | Adobe Audition Tutorial — Get the best sound quality

With just a few clicks, you can get the best sound quality possible. Today we’re going to learn how to master your audio in adobe audition with this audio production tutorial. Learn how to master your audio in under 5 minutes with the one-click mastering feature in Adobe Audition.
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