Podcast Editing Tips THAT SAVE HOURS (Delete Silence & Mute Microphones)

I wish I’d known these podcast editing tips when I first started to edit podcasts.

▶ https://mrc.fm/presets ◀ 🎙 Adobe Audition Presets! 🎧 The audio presets I use.

▶ https://mrc.fm/learn ◀ 🎚 Learn how to master audio production. 🎤

* Camera: Logitech BRIO — https://geni.us/brio4k
* Microphone: AKG C414 XLII — https://geni.us/akgc414xlii
* Software: Adobe Audition — https://mrc.fm/audition

* End Theme: Every Battle by Hallman
* Download from Epidemic Sound — https://mrc.fm/music

HOW TO: Process Vocals For Your Podcast / Video (Noise Reduction, Compression, EQ & Limiting)

Get my Podcast Voice Processing Presets 𝗗𝗢𝗪𝗡𝗟𝗢𝗔𝗗 ⇨ http://ryanfreeman.com/presets
*Available for Logic Pro, GarageBand, Audition, Audacity \u0026 REAPER — No third-party plugins*

Do you want your podcast to sound the best it can? Did you know you can improve your sound quality by processing the audio so it sounds like a professional production even with an entry-level setup? Look no further. Beginner or professional, my presets will enhance your sound, save you time \u0026 money.

• Includes 20 presets
• Saves you time
• Removes ‘muddy’ sound
• Balances voice levels
• Professional podcast sound
• Uses your program’s stock plugins
• Adjust effects if needed
• ‘Install \u0026 Apply’ tutorial video included

Podcast Presets 𝗗𝗢𝗪𝗡𝗟𝗢𝗔𝗗 ⇨ http://ryanfreeman.com/presets

0:00 — Won a Webby Award for my Podcast sound
1:05 — Listening to the episode
1:40 — The mic I use
2:27 — Get a good raw recording
3:42 — How I process my vocals (Overview)
4:40 — Remove background noise
5:47 — Compression
6:55 — Limiter
7:30 — Vocal EQ (My secret sauce/curve)
11:41 — Reference your audio on different listening devices
13:01 — Fine-tune the EQ
14:44 — Thanks for watching! Leave a comment \u0026 a like.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsryanfreeman/
Website: https://www.ryanfreeman.com

Ryan Freeman is a Filmmaker, Composer and Creative Entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. He’s co-owner of Lossless Creative, a production company specializing in branded content for national \u0026 global clientele.

Freeman won a Webby Award for Best Sound Design and Original Music in a Podcast. He’s had a short-film premiere at Hot Docs International Film Festival, and worked with Grammy-winning musicians/songwriters. He’s also a beta tester for Adobe.

Ryan Co-Directs his films with his brother, Brad Freeman. Ryan is also the cinematographer and editor of all their work. Ryan’s first love was music, which is why he composes original music for every project he touches.

He is in the pursuit of creative excellence and learning, which has inspired him to create a community-focused platform where beneficial and compelling ideas can be shared regarding multiple creative mediums.

#RyanFreeman #PodcastAudio #VocalMixing

Setting Presets for Voice Over in Adobe Audition

Hello everybody! In this video, I’ll walk you through how to set up your rack presets and record a favorite in adobe audition. These steps will save you so much time in your editing process!

For more information about Angela, for recommended gear for getting started in voice over, check out my website: https://www.voiceoverangela.com

For a Comprehensive Course on Adobe Audition for Voice Over, from the Audio Ninja, Tim Tippets, click here : https://votechguru.com/courses/
Let him know Angela sent ya!

Post-Processing Podcasts, Voice-overs and Dialogue Recordings — Adobe Audition Workflow

Over the last few years I have come up with a workflow to process my dialogue recordings with Adobe Audition. My workflow is designed to be very fast and to deliver consistently high audio quality.
In this video I go over the steps of my workflow and explain my settings.

Make Your Dialogue Pop! How to Edit Vocals | Adobe Audition (2020) Tutorial | Make Media Studios

This week Derek goes over his basic Audio Editing for Dialogue in Adobe Audition. This will help you use compression, equalization, and normalization to master your dialogue in your video editing.

Listen to the Podcast on Spotify!

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