How to Mix a FIRE Rap Song on Adobe Audition

Learn how to mix your vocals, use the pan effect, and a radio effect.
Feel free to ask any questions you have below.

Here is a tutorial for more beginners with less effects:

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ADOBE AUDITION CS6 — Mixing Rap Vocals (2013)

Everything I show you in this video, WORKS! This is MY process that I actually use to produce my songs. AND this is my first tutorial, so bare with me.. If you guys have any questions or comments, just comment on the video, or mention me on twitter or something. I reply rather fast!

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VLOG 1 — Mixing Vocals Tutorial | Adobe Audition

Ausvin King Online:

Mixing Vocals in Adobe Audition V3: Panning and Balancing Vocals

Video 3: Panning and Balancing vocals are key to getting a full sounding mix. Your levels and how the vocals are panned makes a huge difference.

watch video 4: bus and compressing vocals

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