838-PL_IT Tom, DZIECI — Hipnoza Ezoteryczna ∞ Lucio Carsi

Dziś pojawią się #modliszki oraz piękna #ltablica, na której napiszemy, co chcemy.
Liczne #uprowadzenia i #EksperymentyGenetyczne. Duży zgiełk, pełno #probówek, dwa #klony i gromadka nienarodzonych #dzieci Toma.
Lecz dziadek #Zeus nas nie chce i dziś będzie chciał nas od wszystkiego odwieść, ukazując się w swej starczej brzydocie z koleżką orłem na swoim ramieniu. 
Będą też #czereśnie, #BatMan i #Fully.
A także #Ferrok. #Turcja i #Hiszpania.
#Edyta jak zawsze dała radę, #Sabrina coraz bardziej rewelacyjna…

Кендалл Дженнер рассказывает о своей тревоге | Открытость | мода

What is social anxiety and how do you cope with it? In the first episode of Open-Minded: Unpacking Anxiety, Kendall Jenner sits down with licensed clinical psychologist and professor of psychology, Dr. Ramani Durvasula, to discuss the symptoms of anxiety she has experienced from a young age.\r
As Kendall opens up about her journey with social anxiety and asks questions from the Vogue community, Dr. Ramani provides tips and tricks for handling social anxiety and re-entering social situations post covid.\r
For more information on anxiety symptoms, treatment, and resources please visit: http://nami.org/anxiety\r
For more on Dr. Ramani’s interview with Kendall watch her video at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vri5uaEeJ4 and check out her YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoctorRamanDurvasula \r
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. Connect with the NAMI HelpLine Mon-Fri, 10AM – 8PM (ET) by calling 800-950-6264 or CHAT at http://www.nami.org/help. In a crisis? Text “NAMI” to 741741, 24/7.\r
Special Thanks To \r
Derek Blasberg \r
Maya Amolis \r
Dr. Ramani Durvasula\r
Ashleah Gonzales\r
Christy Welder\r
Jessica Edwards \r
Barb Solish\r
Katrina Gay\r
Dr. Ken Duckworth \r
YouTube Health\r
The National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.\r
Directed by: Posy Dixon\r
DP: Kevin Hayden\r
Camera Operators: Yuya Kudo, Zachary Rockwood and Sonja Tsypin\r
Key Grip/Gaffer: Kurtis Myers\r
Sound: Chris Omae\r
Edited by: Victoria Mortati and Daniel Poler\r
Color: Carlos Flores, Forager\r
Sound: Paul Vitolins and Nick Cipriano, Bang\r
Post Production: Marco Glinbizzi\r
Series Title Montage: Chris Beckman\r
Title Design: Jason Duzansky\r
Visual and Audio Design: Natalia Stuyk\r
Art Director, Set Design: Alexis Johnson\r
Decorator: Christine DiStefano\r
Styling: Danielle Levi\r
Hair: Amanda Capomaccio\r
Makeup: Mary Phillips\r
Tailor: Bebe Aguirre\r
Executive Producer: Marina Cukeric\r
Producers: Naomi Nishi, NY and Jace Davis, LA\r
Line Producers: Jen Santos and Jessica Schier\r
Production Manager: Trina DeMattei\r
Location Manager: Joe Burk\r
Production Coordinators: Peter Brunette and Andressa Pelachi\r
Associate Producers: Rachel Cantor, Stephanie D’agostini and Arielle Neblett\r
Production Assistant: Josh Crowe\r
Covid Supervisor: Carla Nora\r
Vogue: Robert Semmer, VP Digital Video Programming and Development; Mark Guiducci, Creative Editorial Director; Sergio Kletnoy, Entertainment Director.

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Kendall Jenner Opens Up About Her Anxiety | Open Minded | Part 1 | Vogue

Масс Эффект: Т’Сони [Игрофильм, Эпизод 3]

This is a Mass Effect story-based video in the movie style. This episode is about Liara and based on the Therum and Citadel missions: \»Find Liara T’Soni\», \»Citadel: The Fourth Estate\», \»Citadel: Snap Inspection\».

▶️ Features:
◾️ Added self made cutscenes.
◾️ Some game cutscenes are expanded with additional views.
◾️ New camera angles are added, inaccessible during playthrough.
◾️ Battle scenes were shot in a cinematic style with new viewing angles and focus on different characters.
◾️ Gameplay recorded in role-playing style.
◾️ Sounds and music are edited for the video sequence.
◾️ The interface is completely removed.
◾️ Used graphic and gamelpay modifications.
◾️ Some side missions added to the plot.
◾️ External subtitles added.

❗️ For everyone who is feel nostalgic for this awesome universe. I hope you enjoy it. And if you want to support my channel: https://www.donationalerts.com/r/deealup

▶️ All Episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX-z-wc20ce7mweGqlKS8aUwYIfW3rtCC

▶️ Plot:
Liara T’Soni, an asari archeologist famed for her knowledge of the Protheans, is being sought by Saren. Her last known location was somewhere in the Artemis Tau cluster…

🕑 Chapters:
00:00:00 — Intro
00:00:12 — Previosly on Mass Effect
00:00:45 — Therum
00:01:16 — Geth Dropship
00:02:38 — Mako Ride
00:03:47 — Therum Walk
00:04:45 — Battle with the geths
00:06:41 — Underground complex
00:08:00 — Lady in trouble
00:12:17 — Escape from volcano
00:14:51 — Normandy briefing
00:17:11 — The Cycles
00:19:56 — Council briefing
00:21:30 — Liara’s story
00:24:43 — Asari
00:28:57 — I saw her first
00:29:46 — Ashley and aliens
00:32:54 — Ashley and Liara
00:33:30 — Engineering Bay
00:34:11 — Adams
00:35:02 — Tali tells about Migrant Fleet
00:37:05 — Pressly
00:38:38 — Jokes with Joker
00:41:39 — Back to Citadel
00:42:39 — Snap Inspection
00:45:11 — The Fourth Estate
00:47:26 — Ambassador
00:48:51 — Back To Normandy
00:52:21 — To be continued…

 ▶️ List of used mods (Remastered):
◾️ Vignette Remover with color correction
◾️ ME1 Recalibrated
◾️ ME1 Gameplay Tweaks + my own tweaks
◾️ Improved Static Lighting for ME1
◾️ ME1 Improved Bun Textures
◾️ ME1 Better Hair | Facial Hair HD
◾️ Liara ME3 Face for ME1
◾️ MEUITM Anniversary Edition
◾️ Alot of Textures (ALOT)
◾️ Alot of Videos (ALOV)

Developers: www.bioware.com, https://demiurgestudios.com/
Publisher: https://www.ea.com
Mods: https://www.nexusmods.com/

 #MassEffect #MassEffectTrilogy

837-IT_PL Tom, FIGLI — Ipnosi Esoterica ∞ Lucio Carsi

Oggi fanno il loro ingresso le #mantidi nonché una bella #lavagna dove scriviamo quel che ci pare.
Tante #abductions e tanti #EsperimentiGenetici. Un gran traffico, tante #provette, due #cloni e un sacco di #figli in arrivo per Tom.
Ma nonno #Zeus non vuole e oggi prova a dissuaderci mostrandosi in tutta la sua bruttezza e anzianità col fido aquilotto su un braccio.
E poi, le #ciliegie, #BatMan, #Fully.
E #Ferrok. La #Turchia e la #Spagna.
#Edyta brava come sempre, #Sabrina sempre più potente…



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