Jim Gillette ‎- Proud To Be Loud (Full Album)

Jim Gillette ‎- Proud To Be Loud (Full Album)

Jim Gillette’s Loud Crowd 1987

1.When The Clock Strikes 12
2.Head On
3.Angel In White
4.Flash Of Lightning
5.Proud To Be Loud
6.Never Say Never
8.Red Hot Rocket Ride
9.Make Me Crazy
10.Show Down

Learn to SING with Jim Gillette of NITRO

Would you like to learn sing? Well it’s time to rock with a Vocal Master Jim Gillette from Nitro, he can break glass with amazing vocal prower! get vocal lessons and learn to sing with a master!!


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SING with VOCAL POWER — Jim Gillette Exercise — Vocal Lessons NYC

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A vocal exercise off my \»Breaking the Chains\» program originally made popular by Jim Gillette of Nitro. But I actually explain why the exercises works.

* Fixing Bad Vocal Habits
* Weak Singing Notes
* Poor Breath Support
* End Result Orientated
* Strengthen Voice
* Free Vocal Exercises
* Contemporary Singing

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Fixing Vocal Breaks: http://bit.ly/1z3VgwF
Bridging to Head Voice: http://bit.ly/13y2YSW
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Advanced Vocal Technique: http://bit.ly/1sF7gTz

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Vocal Power Voice Lessons by Jim Gillette

http://www.metalmethod.com — Vocal Power by Jim Gillette now available by download. It’s amazing how popular this program remains. Vocal Power is consistently among our top ten sellers even though it was originally created way back in 1991. There’s a good reason for this — these vocal exercises are timeless.

Jim manages to make this stuff quite entertaining as you’ll see in the YouTube
video that was taken from the intro to Vocal Power — Video. Until now We’ve included a CD featuring Jim’s Vocal Practice Guide. Now these files are on-
disk in MP3 format (DVD version) to easily load onto your music player. If you
order the digital download version the same MP3 files are included with the
download. 14.95 — DVD 19.95 https://metalmethod.com/jim-gillette

Вокальная тренировка за 10 МИНУТ! (субтитры)

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✅ Vocal Exercises PDF and EBOOK!
* All video-lessons are SPOKEN in English, SUBTITLED in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, and Russian.
0:19 Exercise 1 – Brew Hill — Lip Trills Warm-Up
Brrr (‘lip trills’)
— use breath
— support
— no tension
— intonation

1:46 Exercise 2 – Mi Like to dance! — Intonation, Agility, Resonance
Mi Mi Mi Mi
Mi Me Ma Mo Mu
Mi Me Ma
Mi Me Ma Mo
Mi Me Ma Mo Mu
— stable position
— no tension

3:20 Exercise 3 – Dance Party – Vowel placement, articulation, sustained vibrato
Hey everybody!
Get on up and dance!!
Get on up and dance!!
— articulation
— support/keep it down
— intonation
— resistance

5:48 Exercise 4 – Tyson Fury – Vocal Resistance, breath control, note attack
Mi Me Ma Mo Mu
Mi Me Ma Mo
Mi Me Ma Mo Mu
Mi Me Ma Mo
Mi Me Ma Mo Mu
— feel the burn
— support
— intonation

8:31 Exercise 5 – Walter’s Warm Downs – Vocal register, passaggio, vocal warm-down
ii – ee – aa – oo – uu – u u u
ii – ee – aa – oo – uu – u u u
— don’t push
— rounded vowels
— head voice
— falsetto
— no tension
— engage core
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