Tower Of Power — What Is Hip [BASS COVER] — with notation and tabs

I’m back with another Tower of Power tune! This one might just be the most classic of them all… It’s \»What Is Hip\»!
The band has done tonnes of cool arrangements of this tune over the years, but we’re going back to the original recording today. Tower in their prime. Enjoy!


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— 2011 Fender American Deluxe Pbass
— D’Addario nickel (round) wound medium gauge strings
— Pickup knob: Neutral
— Treble: Neutral
— Bass: Neutral
— Avalon U5 D.I.
— Protools 11

What Is Hip (Bass Cover) Tower Of Power — May Patcharapong

Tower Of Power — What Is Hip? — slap bass cover

In this cover I tried to combine a note for note bass line by great Francis Rocco Prestia and slap technique (mostly double thumb)… took me a while, hope you’ll like it!

Ken Smith BT5, Vanderkley Spartan amp + 2x112MNT cab
line + mic

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Tower of Power — What Is Hip (bass tab)

Tower of Power — What Is Hip (bass tab)

Rocco Prestia bass line


«What is Hip» — Tower of Power — Bass Line Analysis /// Scott’s Bass Lessons

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\»What is Hip\» has got to be one of the coolest 16th note funk grooves ever written…

It was originally played by, the one of the original godfathers of funk, Rocco Prestia of the amazing band Tower of Power.

There’s so much to be learned from mastering this riff…
— 16th note funk technique
— Plucking hand consistency and articulation
— Plucking hand stamina
— Playing octave patterns within a 16th note groove
— And heaps more…


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