How to add delete change Administrator or Standard Account in Windows 8.1 and 8

Check another video on How to reset forgotten administrator password in Windows.
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How To Delete A User Account In Windows 8

Check out the step-by-step tutorial here as well on Tom’s Hardware:

Here’s a Windows 8 walkthrough on how to remove user accounts. Useful for when you’ve got extra accounts hanging out on your system that you want to get rid of.

How to Delete a User Account in Windows® 8.1

If you want to delete a user account in Windows® 8.1 Consumer Preview, watch this video.
Useful videos : (turn off Compatibility View ) (Unable to Receive Emails on Gmail®) (allow sites to access your camera and microphone )

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Как быстро и легко удалить учетную запись Microsoft в Windows 8.1 Enterprise

In this video i present how to remove Microsoft account very easy and very fast in few steps. If you use Windows 8.1 Enterprise and you have logged in you Microsoft account other people or family members can not use the computer with your account.
So i make this video for people who want to remove it and use the computer properly .
If you have any questions i will be glad to help 🙂 .

Windows 10 — Add/Delete/Modify User Accounts [Tutorial]

Here is the tutorial guide for add/Delete/Modify User Accounts on your windows 10 PC. New users can be added easily by this method.

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