NOTHING ELSE MATTERS — Metallica | Cover by Sophie Burrell

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Хододоо (Nothing Else Matters — Metallica siberian traditional cover)

Обработка популярной песни на инструментах сибирских народов. Видео Сибири с коптера.

Metallica — «Nothing Else Matters» Cover By A Tribo Terjemahan Indonesia

\»Music Video With Lyrics\»
Terjemahan Indonesia

Nothing Else Matters | Metallica

So close, no matter how far
Begitu dekat, tak peduli betapapun jauhnya
Couldn’t be much more from the heart
Tak mungkin bisa jauh dari hati
Forever trust in who we are
Selamanya percaya pada diri kita
And nothing else matters
Dan yang lain tidaklah penting

Never opened myself this way
Tak pernah membuka diriku seperti ini
Life is ours, we live it our way
Hidup ini milik kita, kita jalani dengan cara kita
All these words I don’t just say
Kata-kata ini tak hanya kuucap

And nothing else matters
Dan yang lain tidaklah penting

Trust I seek and I find in you
Kucari rasa percaya dan kutemukan di dirimu
Every day for us something new
Tiap hari kita temukan hal baru
Open mind for a different view
Buka pikiran untuk pemandangan baru
And nothing else matters
Dan yang lain tidaklah penting

Never cared for what they do
Tak pernah peduli dengan apa yang mereka lakukan
Never cared for what they know
Tak pernah peduli dengan apa yang mereka tahu
But I know
Namun aku tahu


Video Cover
-A Tribo\u0026list=RD5_e-Hvg57cA\u0026start_radio=1

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Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover); Sina feat @Jadyn Rylee

This song was released on our Cover Compilation ‘YourSongBook’:

iTunes Amazon

You can stream the album for free on my website and download a Digital Booklet with all information about all collaborators:

Some months ago we recorded a smooth Acoustic piano version of Nothing Else Matters featuring Jadyn Rylee. Listen to that very special on Jadyn’s YouTube channel and make sure to subscribe:

Now this is the electrified version of Metallica’s Mega-Ballad. The piano and synths were arranged and recorded by Rick Benbow, my dad did the bass and guitar parts. For more information see

METALLICA — Nothing Else Matters (cover A TRIBO)

Produção: Totem Estúdio —

VOCAL: Roberta Souza
VIOLÃO: Vinícius Andrade
TAJON: Renato Andrade

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