Cubase 5 Tutorial — Beatmaking with Groove Agent One and Beat Designer

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Making a house beat from a breakbeat using two great new tools in Cubase 5 —-

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Cubase 5 Tutorial — Lesson 19: Basic Editing Part II

Cubase 5 Tutorial — Lesson 19: Basic Editing Part II
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Cubase 5 (Vocal Processing) Techniques pt. 2

Teaches students how to record a song in its entirety before going on
to mix and master the final tracks. Visit to get FREE music making material.

Cubase 5 Tutorial Part 2

Cubase 5 Tutorial (beginner)
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Steinberg Cubase 5 Tutorial Pt. 2: New Rhythm Tools

Renowned Cubase expert Greg Ondo demonstrates Cubase 5’s Groove Agent One drum virtual instrument and Beat Designer MIDI drum programming assistant. Part two in a series of great Cubase tutorial vids presented by


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