KH Kim Taekwondo Basic Kick Tutorial

Basic Kicking by Master Paloma

Learning Taekwondo basic movements(Kick)

Chagi uses your legs to strike the opponent. The force of the chagi depends on the movements of your legs and feet. Whoa, I think they’re starting. Where is the sound coming from? There is a competition at taekwondo arena of the Taekwondopark. This place contains the principles of taegeuk. Can you feel the force of the athletes? If you practice chagi here, you can take the strong energy and learn chagi as sharp as a flame!
ㅇ Training Sequence
1. Front kick
2. Side kick
3. Roundhouse kick
4. Both feet jumping-up kick
5. Foot blade target kick
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Taekwondo 6 basic kicks

Изучите боевые искусства: 3 основных приема для начинающих

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Taekwondo basic kicks

Taekwondo basic kicks


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