How to set up drum tracks for sample replacement in Cubase — Joey Sturgis tutorial

Learn how to turn drum tracks into MIDI notes you can use for triggering drum samples.

Joey Sturgis shows you how to do it in Cubase using the kick drum track from Vesta Collide raw multi-tracks.

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Перевод MIDI в Audio

Для того, чтобы снизить нагрузку на процессор, часто применяют \»заморозку\» трэков, а иногда и конвертирование MIDI — дорожки в аудиодорожку. В этом видео описано как это сделать в программах Logic 9, Ableton 8 и Cubase 5. Информация далеко не новая, но, возможно, кому — то пригодится.

Real time Audio to MIDI Triggering

Triggering MIDI events in realtime using a microphone, Cockos ReaGate plugin, and Cubase 5.
You can download ReaPlugs VST FX Suite from:

And if you have many microphones you can trigger different parts of a whole drum kit simultaneously 🙂

Cubase 5 — Extracting Midi from Audio with Vari Audio

My first Cubase 5 tutorial!

More to come I guess!

Trigger MIDI from audio in Cubase 5 64bit

This video is now a few years old — check out my new website for updated music production tutorials:

Cubase prior to v6 is long-known for not being very good at extracting drum audio and turning it into usable MIDI. If you use Cubase 32bit then you can download the free VST KTDrumTrigger which is pretty good for this. However, this VST does not work in v5 64bit.
I have devised a work-around that works pretty well as long as your drums are on separate audio tracks. If you only have one stereo file for drums then I’m afraid your quickest method will be writing the MIDI yourself.

My tutorial showing how to use side chaining in Cubase:


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