Accordion Lesson #1 Play by Ear

Purchase a Roland accordion from Crown Music and receive operating assistance from Dale Mathis. Crown Music, Sun City, AZ 623-374-6423 or FREE shipping USA (Have QUESTIONS? Dale Mathis: 480-544-6016 or

How To Play The Chromatic Button Accordion — Lesson One

\»Getting Strapped In And Playing Your First Tune\»
Music sheet to \»Frere Jacques\» can be downloaded from my website Go to \»Chromatic Accordion\».
\»Basic Music Theory Information Sheets\» can be downloaded from the same website. Go to \»Music Theory etc.\» — this is vital if you can’t read music!!

Beginner Accordion Lesson by Ken Mahler, Mahler Music Center

No charge beginner accordion lesson (lesson 1) from the DVD, Accordion Classroom — Getting Started produced by Ken Mahler of Mahler Music Center ( of St Paul MN. Describes fundamentals of the accordion, how to hold it, bellow control and how to use the right and left hand together.

1. Intro to Stradella Bass — Free Accordion Lessons

An intro to how the Stradella bass system works. Intimidated at first, it’s a lot simpler once put into context. It’s a pretty cool system that makes a lot of sense.

Accordion lessons by JordanAccordion!

Thanks to Necz0r from Wikipedia for the Stradella bass chart.

RDD tips welcome: Rm4fsWieWX8oQcdjSjQjCHo3hx11Z66wGK

[Accordion Tutorial] Bella Ciao — EASY song for beginners

Bella Ciao is a very popular and easy song to learn on the piano accordion. With only 3 bass chords and 7 treble notes you can learn this in a day!




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0:00 — Introduction

Section 1/4
0:56 — 1/4 RH
1:31- 1/4 LH
1:55 — 1/4 Hands together

Section 2/4
2:09 — 2/4 RH
2:35 — 2/4 LH
2:59 — 2/4 Hands together

Section 3/4
3:13 — 3/4 RH
3:42 — 3/4 LH
4:06 — 3/4 Hands together

Section 4/4
4:19 — 4/4 RH
4:42 — 4/4 LH
5:03 — 4/4 Hands together

5:13 — Ending

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