13 pole moves intermediate, part 3 — Pole Dance tutorials

13 pole tricks for intermediate students.
Watch full pole dance video tutorials :
1) Ballerina — https://youtu.be/JCF01xUzRUo
2) Walkie Talkie — https://youtu.be/HgQfHXU1low
3) Extended Butterfly — https://youtu.be/wHqHkVJFN2o
4) Armpit Hang — https://youtu.be/oaCcMG1vn0c
5) Teddy Bear — https://youtu.be/3spKbrEgWNY
6) Chopper shoulder mount, cup grip — https://youtu.be/Vyqomt9xurU
7) Chopper shoulder mount twisted grip — https://youtu.be/z85TWxu-1Fs
8) Flying Brassmonkey — https://youtu.be/W3aLvjpC31A
9) Eros — https://youtu.be/W3aLvjpC31A
10) Bow and Arrow — https://youtu.be/pgl_WQwUD-Y
11) Duchess — https://youtu.be/00GDVDXdb2g
12) Dangerous horizon — https://youtu.be/NIrrSOhe6NQ
13) Clothespin — https://youtu.be/gHgTVpAL5PA

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10 Beautiful & Easy Pole Tricks Without Inverting (Beginner/Intermediate Level)

Hi guys!

Wow, it’s been 2 years since I last did one of these kind of videos. I know training and motivation can be hard to come by these days so I thought I’d do a tricks video aimed towards beginner/intermediate level with elegant shapes without having to invert. I’m not totally sure of the names for these moves but here’s a rough idea:

1. Swan seat to stag variation
2. Figurehead variation
3. Figurehead to Umbrella and variations
4. Shi shi spin to Broken wing variation
5. Vortex
6. Double cross knee release to Crescent moon variation
7. Stargazer to Rainbow and variation
8. Single embrace and variation
9. Karate kid and variations
10. Twisted Cupid to Compass variation

Feel free to ask any questions below and if you try any of these moves I would love to see them!

Studio: Flyaway Aerial Studio
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/tanyaxcheung @tanyaxcheung
Outfit: Bandurska Design

Please be careful when attempting any new move, use a crash mat and spotter if possible.

Tanya x

Pole Dance Moves A-Z *Beginner/Intermediate Edition*

Da sich einige ein Beginner/Intermediate Tutorial gewünscht haben, gibt es nun ein A bis Z für Anfänger. Manche Moves sind etwas tricky und ihr braucht etwas Balance, aber wir hoffen, dass euch das Video dennoch Freude bereitet und motiviert. Gebt uns einen Like oder Kommentar und schreibt uns eure Wünsche fürs nächste Video.

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As some of you were hoping for beginner/intermediate moves, we have just created our A to Z video for non-pro’s. Some moves are a little bit tricky regarding balance but we hope that you will like it. Leave a comment or like and let us know your wishes for the next tutorial.

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Top 10 Beginner Pole Moves

There are so many amazing beginner moves, spins and holds out there. I love them all, but wanted to share my favourite 10 beginner moves with you.



▶️ My Favourite Beginners Pole Dance Moves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=218UCR_weCY\u0026index=2\u0026list=PLd1z6jG0HzkNdldEOM1I7E0SOnwPo5tqt\u0026t=0s


If you’re new to pole, it can be difficult to tell how hard pole moves are, and which are a suitable level for you. While I say ‘beginner pole moves’, I mean that you’re likely to come across them in your first weeks and months of poling.

I’ve written my favourites below, including the moves in each routine at the end of this video.

I hope you like the video — please subscribe and like if you would like to see more 😀

My 10 Favourite Beginner Moves:

Outside Step
Fireman Spin
Chair Spin
Back Hook
Knee Tuck

Routine 1:

Outside Step — Pirouette — Fireman Spin — Chair Spin into Back Hook

Routine 2:

Outside Step — Kick — Cartwheel — Seat — Climb — Knee Tuck

Routine 3:

Carousel to Back Hook — Knee Tuck — Climb — Knee Tuck — Chair Spin — Back Hook

Discover More Beginner Pole Moves: https://www.polefreaks.com/ten-beginners-pole-dance-moves/


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DISCLAIMER: Our YouTube videos are only intended to be used as a source of reference and inspiration, rather than being intended as structured pole dance lessons. You must always warm up before attempting any pole moves and cool down after your session(s). You should only ever try pole moves that you have been taught by an instructor (whether in person or a structured online tutorial platform such as PoleFreaks Studio) and any moves where there is a risk of falling should only be attempted with a mat and spotter after instruction. PoleFreaks and Holly Munson takes no responsibly for any injury, illness, loss or death arising from using our YouTube videos.

Pole Dance Tricks: Beginner Level

10 Tricks Every Beginner Poledancer Should Learn:

— Chopper with straight legs
— Chopper with bended legs
— Basic Climb
— Air Invert
— Air invert with straight legs
— Lean back
— Outside Leg Hang
— Superman
— Plank Variation
— Slingshot

There are so many people, who are always asking me, why I called these moves – moves for beginners. And now I’d like to answer

1) Focus on Results, not Time
Beginner Level doesn’t mean first classes of learning to pole dance. This level can last till one year or even more, it depends on how often you attend classes, how hard you are working, how well your body is prepared for pole dance and etc. I don’t calculate time how long a person is attending classes, I’m looking at results. We are all different. And one can climb a pole on his first classes, because he/she goes to gym and his/her arms are already strong. Another person will need half a year to manage to climb because he doesn’t have any sport background; he has never done sport before. But nevertheless they both will be on the same beginning level in spite of the fact that the second person is already 6 months in pole dance.
2) Beginning Level for Pole Dancers is like Primary School for Children
Pole Dance requires body preparation. If you’re a beginner and can’t make an invert, then you should go to gym and start building your muscles and develop your body strength. It doesn’t mean that you should stop doing pole dance, you should combine both. For me the beginning level of pole dance is time when you are preparing your body and mind to pole dance. And it can take really long time. I can compare it with primary school which lasts 4 years where children are learning to read and write. Without these skills they can’t go further. Here we see the same thing. We can’t start doing any tricks without making an invert because almost every trick begins with an invert.
3) Intermediate Level already requires Flexibility
I can’t name these tricks intermediate, because this level already requires flexibility. If you aren’t stretched enough to get your full front and middle splits, then you are still a beginner. Your body is still not ready for next intermediate level. The example of intermediate trick you can see here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW6-27cLokw\u0026list=UUMFaQMKhCqNV4KxeP9Wiltw

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