How To Play Samba On Drums

Two fun samba grooves for drum kit. These are two grooves that I love to play — as you can see, I’m not Brazilian these are not definitive, authentic samba grooves. But I think they’re tons of fun and a great place to start with this style on drum kit.

Have fun and please let me know if any questions.

Grooves are notated here:

Drum Lesson: Samba Variations (Working Drummer’s Essential Latin Grooves Part 2)

Samba is a funky march that permeates the valleys of Brazil and beyond. It’s the music of the people, the music of the street. And it’s an equally egalitarian rhythm for the drum set player.

The samba is very user-friendly and adaptable to many musical situations. It is always beneficial for every drummer to have their own go-to samba pattern for when the opportunity arises. As with all styles of music, there are many sub-genres and variations of samba, so consider this an introduction to get you started.

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How to: Play the Samba on Drums

Drum teacher Tony Floyd will show you how to play a Brazilian groove called the Samba.

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The Real Samba Rhythm — Edu Ribeiro | 2 Minute Jazz

Watch a FREE full lesson from Edu’s \»Brazilian Jazz Drumming\»:

Modern Brazilian jazz monster Edu Ribeiro demonstrates how to take the samba school to the drum kit.


Hi, I am Edu Ribeiro and welcome to Two Minute Jazz. Today, we are going to talk about samba. Bringing the lines of the percussion from the drum set, we have three special lines to put together here.

The first one is the most important for the samba, and that’s the surdo that keeps the time for everybody. And the surdo can be very simple, or it could be a little syncopated, but it’s going to be hard to imitate with the bass drum. So it could be played less syncopated.

The other instrument is the tambourine, the small instrument that people play in the school of samba. But we have a special clav like that. I’m going to try to put together the tambourine and the bass drum imitating the surdo.

And another one that I’m going to play is the pandeiro that people play with two hands. I’m going to try to play all the sixteenth notes with my right hand on my hi-hat. Then I’ll try to put it all together.

There is another instrument called the agogô. I’m going to try to imitate two songs with my tom and my floor tom.

Okay, happy practicing and see you next time!


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Samba Basics For Drumkit

Coming from Brazil, the samba is a unique rhythm that opens up some interesting possibilities on the drum kit.
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👤Born and bred in Brisbane, Australia, Sacha Kloostra is a multi-faceted drummer known for his delicate yet explosive playing and creative improvisational style.
With over twenty years performing experience in various musical genres including rock \u0026 pop, funk, jazz, fusion, salsa, afro-Cuban, Brazilian, big band \u0026 musical theatre, Sacha’s musical voice is diverse and colourful, and set in a strong foundation of drumming traditions from around the world. Sacha plays drums / timbales for Brisbane salsa band ‘Chukale’ and is a regular on the Brisbane jazz circuit, performing regularly with local and international artists, and has performed at major music festivals and events such as Splendour In The Grass, Woodford Folk Festival, Bellingen Global Carnival, Brisbane Festival, Darling Harbour Jazz Festival, Darling Harbour Latin Fiesta, York Jazz Festival, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, the Lord Mayor’s Christmas Carols and more. In 2018 Sacha performed in the Melbourne premiere of Disenchanted! – the hit broadway musical garnering excellent reviews.

Sacha teaches drum kit and timbales from his home studio in Brisbane as well as producing online video lessons which have accrued thousands of subscribers and millions of video views.

🥁Sacha plays Yamaha Drums
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20 x 18 Bass Drum
14 x 6 Hybrid Maple Snare (awesome)
14 x 6.5 Stage Custom Steel Snare
DT50S, DT50K, DT20 Drum Triggers

Sabian cymbals including
8” Legacy Splash
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