Уроки Sweet home 3D. Строим бассейн

Как в Sweet home 3D сделать свой бассейн.
Архив с текстурами воды и прозрачным слоем смотрим здесь

Creating a Sloping Ground in Sweet Home 3D

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I show you how to make a model on top of a sloping ground.
The basics is that you create a wall,
make it really thick,
change it to a sloping wall,
one side set to 1, the other side set to 100, or something else you like,
Export the model as OBJ,
Delete the model from the scene, otherwise it will act as a wall and you wont be able to put furniture on top of it.
Re import the OBJ using the import furniture option.
Proceed to build your model on top of the new sloping ground as normal.

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How to add basement/foundation in sweet home 3d or sh2d

In these video I will show u the complete tutorial to build a basement and foundation in sweet home 3d.
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Sweet home 3D — Create basic models with Sh2D

Create basic models using Sweet home 3D.

Sweet Home 3D Tutorial: How to export furniture as a 3D file

This video will show you how to export a model/ furniture in Sweet home 3D as a 3D file (OBJ file). Then we can add it into other 3D software.
Way 1: save it as a new Sh2D file. Just copy and paste it.
Way 2: save it as a OBJ. (1:08)
— We can also export a whole room as a OBJ. (2:33)

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