FLY CASTING — FOUR Tips For Starting Out — Episode 1

In the starting episode to the Official Mad River Outfitters Fly Casting Series, Brian Flechsig gives you four simple steps to get started in fly casting.

Thanks for watching and we’ll see you in Episode 2!

Getting Started in Fly Fishing — Episode 14 — Fly Casting 101:

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Welcome to Mad River Outfitters, hosted by professional fly fishing guide, Brian Flechsig and his team of fly fishing guides at Mad River Outfitters. On this channel you will find honest fly fishing education, fly fishing tutorials and product reviews. We’re passionate about fly fishing and that’s what we hope to share here. More information about who we are can be found on our website ( and also on our Instagram (@madriveroutfitters).

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ORVIS — Fly Casting Lessons — Making An Accurate Roll Cast

Here’s the latest video in our series featuring Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing Schools, in which he demonstrates proper form for making an accurate roll cast. Two of the keys are to pause long enough to let your line form a D-loop behind you, and to keep your rod tip high at the end of the forward cast. These will help you put your flies right where you want them to be, even when there are obstacles behind you.

For more help with your fly cast, or other technical tips, please visit


ORVIS — Fly Casting Lessons — How To Teach Kids To Fly Cast

Teaching kids to cast a fly rod requires that you give them very simple instructions that are easy to follow. Here, Pete Kutzer of the Orvis Fly Fishing School in Manchester Vermont shows you his time-tested method to help kids learn how to cast a fly rod.

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ORVIS — Fly Casting Lessons — How To Make Your First Cast

ORVIS casting instructor Pete Kutzer shows you how to get your line on the water in order to make your first cast. Pete offers two options: a short bow-and-arrow cast or a roll cast. Each will get your line out in front of you, allowing you to then make a standard backcast and get your line out in the water and with some tension on it.

For more ways to improve your fly casting and fly fishing skills, visit our other online learning centers.

ORVIS — Fly Casting Lessons — The Basic Fly Cast

This is fly casting at its most basic level and fundamentals. When learning how to cast, it’s important start with good habits. There are three keys to making good casts, beginning with a smooth acceleration, stopping the rod at the right time, and keeping the rod tip tracking in a straight line as you move it. See how ORVIS casting instructor Pete Kutzer explains and demonstrates these basic ideas of making a fly cast.

For more tips on fly casting and other instructional fly fishing information, visit our other online resources.


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