Интро в Sony vegas pro 12 «Tutorial»

В этом видео я покажу вам интро \»Tutorial\» в Sony vegas pro 12.
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Когда вы уважаемые обитатели YouTube обратитесь ко мне с помощью создание этого интро , то я выложу видео урок по созданию этого интро!

Sony Vegas- Editing Basics 101 (BEGINNER’S GUIDE)

Sony Vegas- Editing Basics 101 (BEGINNER’S GUIDE)
In this video I cover the editing basics of the software Sony Vegas.This is a beginner friendly tutorial where I walk you through the editing software Sony Vegas and dive into all it’s nitty-gritty such as layout and composition,rendering,transitions,importing clips,basic functions,short-cut keys etc.This tutorial serves the purpose to set a strong foundation for advanced editing in any genres such as amv/anime/music videos/gaming montage/fortnite/filmmaking/vlog and others alike.You’ll master the basics of the software Sony Vegas by the end of this video.The basics remain the same for the most part regardless of the software version you’re using such as Sony/Magix Vegas Pro 11/12/13/14/15/16
P.S-This video is a part of a different video titled,Complete AMV Guide.

⚠️DISCLAIMER- Some of the techniques showcased in the tutorial are subjective and may not work for everyone.Watch the video with an open mind and use the tips/techniques wisely.The information given out may not be 100% concrete and is subject to change with time as editing evolves.

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How to convert MOV files- https://goo.gl/EBiueN
Download Hitfilm Plug-ins- https://fxhome.com/express
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Pro Edits is a 19 year old, editing enthusiast who started this channel to help aspiring editors hone their editing skills and go next level.There were no relevant,authentic tutorial makers on You Tube back then which gave birth to this channel dedicated to helping editors out of their lifelong misery.You can expect to find a prolific collection of Sony Vegas \u0026 After Effects Tutorials mixed in with some editing related drama on this channel.Driven by a strong work ethic,expect only the highest quality content since Pro doesn’t likes cutting corners and taking the easy route in his work and life.Subscribe to step up your editing game!
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Sony Vegas- Editing Basics 101 (BEGINNER’S GUIDE)


Видеоурок \»ВЕСЬ SONY VEGAS PRO 12 В ОДНОМ ВИДЕОУРОКЕ\» по созданию произвольного свадебного трейлера. Полный курс по Sony Vegas Pro 12 и 13 смотрите на этой странице: http://www.sony-vegas-pro.ru/all_vegas_ss.php . Море полезных бесплатных видеокурсов по видеомонтажу в подарок скачайте здесь: http://www.sony-vegas-pro.ru
Автор — практикующий видеограф с более чем 10-летним стажем — Роман Голосницкий. Другие (платные) видео-курсы того же автора смотрите здесь: http://www.sony-vegas-pro.ru/magazin.php
Подпишитесь бесплатно на футажи: http://www.sony-vegas-pro.ru/podpiskafutag1.php

Sony Vegas Pro 12 | How to make simple intro HD

This is a simple intro i made with Sony Vegas 12 Pro. I will be making more tutorials About Useful tips using Sony Vegas pro 12 .. if you find this tutorial useful LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more,and leave any comments or questions you might have.
Thank you for watching


Sony Vegas Pro 12 [64-bit] — УРОК #1 Основы монтажа

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មេរៀន Sony Vegas Pro 12|Sony Vegas Pro 12 | Tutorial HD | Basic Tips with A Basic Intro

មេរៀន Sony Vegas Pro|Sony Vegas Pro 12 | Tutorial HD | Basic Tips with A Basic Intro
Get into a new Way of Learning Sony Vegas Pro 12. Vegas Pro 12 tutorial for beginners, getting started, basics.
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how to make karaoke on sony vegas
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Sony Vegas Pro 12 | Tutorial HD | Basic Tips with A Basic Intro


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This is my second ever tutorial, I try to cover most of the basics for someone who has absolutely no Idea how to use sony vegas pro 12. sorry I studder a bit..Please comment if you see anything I missed or if i should upload another tutorial. Thanks for watching 😀

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Long Awaited Music
Kevin Macleod — Cipher

VEGAS Pro 18 — Tutorial for Beginners in 12 Minutes! [+General Overview]

Get into a new Way of Learning MAGIX VEGAS Pro 18 in just 12 minutes! Tutorial beginners, getting started, basics. 🔥MORE at https://theskillsfactory.com/
There is not a show or a playlist guide (unique video), unless you make requests.
Enable SUBTITLES if you have trouble at understanding the narration. Leave feedback if you can!

Get into a new Way of Learning MAGIX VEGAS Pro 18 in just 12 minutes! Tutorial beginners, getting started, basics.

00:00 Introduction
00:39 New Project, Workspace
00:59 Import Files, Capture
01:20 The Timeline
01:45 Video Preview
02:28 Loop Region
03:01 Manage Tracks
03:54 Editing on Timeline
05:58 Clip Envelope
06:16 Event Pan/Crop
06:54 Event FX
07:36 Color Grading
08:25 New Effects on VEGAS 18
08:50 Adding Transitions
09:40 Adding Titles
10:23 Saving Project
10:47 Rendering Project

Discover VEGAS Pro 18, the ultimate solution for video editors, complete with everything you need for your next videos: transitions, media, text generation and new AI-driven tools to completely change your media appearance. A truly must-have.

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Voice Over Talent: ZekeFogarty.com

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