VirtualDj Tutorial-How to Mix 2 Songs with Different Bpm

in this tutorial i am going to show you how to mix two songs with two different Bpm(Tempo) and a few explanation about how to go about it,it very simple.

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Tutorial basic loop beat mixing multiple song using Virtual DJ 2020 *Mix Assist set, *Match set

This tutorial is all about basic loop beat mixing multiple song using Virtual DJ 2020 and you can be a dj also if you want!

Virtual Dj Mixing, Beat Matching and Basic Introduction

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Hello, this lesson is intended to teach the fundamentals of Beat-matching, the foundation of becoming a DJ.

I do not claim ownership to any tracks used in this video. Each song belongs to the artist who composed it

EDIT: Correction to info in the video! not every song has an 8 beat count. It depends on the time signature of the song. Please study basic music theory to gain a better understanding.

Click Here to Download the Demo of Virtual DJ 7

ВИРТУАЛЬНЫЙ РУКОВОДСТВО ДЛЯ ДИДЖЕЙ | Как выиграть матч для новичков

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So this a short video to help with a few basics in using the sync button to help beat match the tracks together on Virtual dj 7.

something you need to practice on the software or any of the software that is available . the terms may vary from application to application . on the virtual dj software it is called a sync button and this syncs the beats together on the tracks

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Virtual DJ — Basic Looping and Beat Matching Tutorial [HD]


In this tutorial I give you all a little feel of what goes in to my mixes. Keep in mind this is only one aspect of Virtual DJ. Beatmatching and looping is important in getting a good sound for your mix, however to make a full mix, you need to remember to focus on transitioning, flangering/effects, waves and scratching.

This video covers to basics to syncing and beatmatching on Virtual DJ.

I don’t own any music used in this tutorial. I simply mixed it.

Songs used:
Steve Aoki \u0026 Laidback Luke ft. Lil Jon — Turbulence
Ali Nadem — Electro Gladiators v2
CZR — Structure
Muse — Uprising



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