How to edit a video clip (Trickshot) on Sony Vegas Pro 11 [Beginners]

SONG = Skrillex — Ruffneck
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Sony Vegas Pro 11 Tutorial

So I made this tutorial to help one of my friends. But I figured that some other viewers can also learn from this. I basically try to show everything that an AMV maker would need to know. This was easier than just trying to find multiple videos explain different things.

This is my first time making a tutorial so if everything is randomly placed, it’s because later in the day I release that I forgot to explain about this or that. But if anyone wants another tutorial I promise to at least stay on topic =)

But you guys get to see a part of my new video that I should release soon if nothing else happens 😉

Background Songs:
Ice Cap Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 3… \u0026 Knuckles :D)
Yakuza 3 opening song
Fist Bump (Instrumental) by Tomoya Ohtani (Sonic Forces)
Time Trials by Hyper Potions (Sonic Mania)
Crisis City Act 1 (Sonic Generations)
Tropical Coast Act 3 (Sonic Lost World)
Rooftop Run Act 1 (Sonic Generations)
Planet Wisp Act 2 (Sonic Generations)
Chemical Plant Act 1 (Sonic Generations)
Sky Sanctuary Act 1 (Sonic Generations)
Metal Harbor (Sonic Adventure 2)
Life is Beautiful (Deadly Premonition)
City Escape Act 1 (Sonic Generations)

Songs that were in the recording
Free As the Wind by Serenity Seven
Shot Down in Flames by Mary Elizabeth McGleen (Silent Hill Origins)

Sony Vegas pro 11: Beginner tutorial «Getting started»

In this tutorial will you learn how to set the correct settings for your project and how to import and basic edit your recordings. \r
The first you will learn is how to set the right settings in File — Properties by using the Match media button\r
Then you will learn how to trim, cut , move, insert text, insert music, edit music and finally how to render your movie with the right settings.

Sony Vegas Pro 11 — Beginners Tutorial —

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Sony Vegas Pro 11: Beginners Tutorial

Hey, guys! Welcome to my first tutorial for the newly released Sony Vegas Pro 11. Now for those of you current subscribers, I will upload tutorials on how to do specific video game montage effects as well as tutorials on learning how to use the tools in Sony Vegas Pro 11. \r
So for this introductory video, I teach users on the tools and knowledge needed for basic editing in Vegas Pro 11. Nothing too fancy, nothing too advanced. This video is all you need to get started with editing in Pro 11. I will go more in-depth with all the tools that are important to every video editor later on in the following weeks.\r
I will upload one full-length Vegas Pro 11 tutorial, one full-length tutorial on how to create specific montage effects, (and) a short episode covering various tips and tricks.\r
Share and comment on this video with your friends. If you would like to learn how to use Sony Vegas Pro 11, please subscribe. There is plenty more to come. Cheers!


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