Sony Vegas Pro 12 Lesson 11 — Stabilize Some Footage

In this lesson, we are going to stabilize some footage.

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How To: Stabilize video in Vegas Pro 15 (Works in 14,13,12) No Shaky Footage!

Watch my other vids to edit your vids.\u0026list=PLOaW_xpRcZqRAe_6YOLbqvXyAEXcLyDPE

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This is how to stabilize shaky footage in any Vegas/ Sony Vegas 15,14,13 ect Fairly simple all you have to do is tools-media fx- stabilize.

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Sony Vegas Pro, Урок #8 — Стабилизация видео

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В этом уроке я показываю как избавить от тряски камеры в видео с помощью Sony Vegas Pro

Sony vegas pro 11: How to stabilize video

In this video I demonstrate how to stabilize video using sony vegas pro 11\r
I use Tools — Video — Media Fx and then choose Sony Stabilize\r
In the video i say sony vegas 2011 pro instead of Sony vegas pro 11

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Stabilization Tutorial

Sony Vegas Pro 11 Stabilization Tutorial

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